The 15 Best Fabric Sofa Slipcovers Reviews in 2021

A sofa slipcover is a piece of upholstery fabric designed to cover your sofa. The best fabric for sofa slipcovers provides a quick and inexpensive way to update your sofas look or cover worn fabric without buying a new sofa.

The sofa slipcovers are made in general free size and must be fitted with ties and built-in stretchy elastic hems.

Home Fashion Designs Deluxe Reversible Quilted Slipcover

Our research team researching after buying sofa slipcovers and using these covers.

If or not the slipcover is One-piece or two-piece, the style of the arms on your slipcover vs the arms on your sofa and you learn how taught the slipcover is designed to fit. spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing all products and recommended the best picks for most customers.

So you don’t worry about buying any review products. Now you read the best fabric sofa slipcovers review and buy these products if you want.

If you want to see your sofa as brand new, fresh, and washable, you need a fabric sofa slipcover that helps to keep it looking fresh at all times.

It saves your family’s pets, youngsters, and the occasional beverage spill with these sofa covers.

Top 5 Best Sofa Slipcovers

Top 15 Best Fabric Sofa Slipcovers Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Gorilla grip original slip resistant best sofa slipcovers

The gorilla grip slip-resistant sofa slipcover is a super soft microsuede cover that protects from wrinkles, dust, dirt, fur, food particles, and more things.

You can get seven color reversible combinations and this cover installing and removing the cover is quite easy.

These are 2 inches thick straps and non-slip PVC underside. This slipcover can be machine washable and line dried.

Gorilla Grip Original Slip Resistant Sofa Slipcover

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Our slip-resistant protector works great on both fabric and leather sofas for your living room.

However, the leather sofa has a smooth surface and you may find that you get additional adjustments may be necessary.

Please don’t use your furniture treated with cleaners or conditioners. These material are pre-treated and check the furniture manufacturer and retailer before we use.

Key features to highlights:

  • Gorilla grip non-slip sofa cover made of luxurious super soft micro-suede
  • Gorilla grip slipcover machine washable and simply washing on cold and air dry
  • The straps are adjustable and strong for long lasting
  • Easy to assemble
  • 10 years no question asked warranty

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2. RHF reversible sofa fabric covers, cover for sofa

Another great & one of the best sofa slipcover is RHF reversible cover for sofa for homes with pets and kids.

Especially these are made for dogs and cats because it’s stain protection capabilities.

It comes from seven color combinations and has eight different sizes that are you need to choose from.

This sofa slipcover has also featured is elastic straps to help prevent sliding but it isn’t recommended for leather sofas because it’s sliding.

Finally, the RHF sofa slipcover is machine washable and easy to clean.

RHF Reversible Sofa Cover

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The RHF sofa cover manufacturer has maximum customer reviews and has a great rating on the market.

We recommended this best sofa cover because this manufacturer is trusted and more durable and long-lasting.

Key features to highlights:

  • It comes with a thick layer of anti-slip backing cover
  • Seven reversible color combinations
  • Great for homes with pets and kids
  • Elastic strap to help prevent sliding
  • You get a fresh look in the new season and a satisfaction warranty

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3. KARUILU home 1 piece heavy weight fabric sofa covers

The KARUILU home 1 piece sofa cover is a simple and great size cover couch that keeps your sofa safe from spills, stains, and damage.

It comes from the manufacturer with seven different color combinations and five different sizes and if you want you can also request a custom size.

And you are 11 different colors to choose from. The couch cover can be easily washed in the machine with cold water.

KARUILU Home 1 Piece Heavy Weight Fabric Sofa Cover

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The KARUILU home slip-cover is exclusively designed and you give an ultra-new look to your living room. These are perfect for kids’ and pets’ stains.

Key features to highlights:

  • It comes from luxurious heavy-weight textured upholstery fabric anti-slip backing
  • An easy and elegant way to keep your sofa clean
  • Great for homes with kids and pets
  • Machine washable with cold water
  • Exclusively designed

4. Link shades GPD furniture sofa slipcover

If you find a simple sofa or couch classic slipcover that will décor your room, then the Link shades texture sofa cover is one of them.

These are made of anti-slip technology and adjustable elastic strap which keep their place.

We remain that this sofa slipcover is perfect for a wide range of sofas and couches.

Link Shades GPD Furniture Sofa And Couch Slipcover

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There are three available colors which are natural, chocolate, and grey but the natural color is lightweight.

The link shades slipcover can be machine washed with cold water. Lastly, you can get four different color options for you to choose from.

The Link shades sofa protector is a top-of-the-line furniture protector made from heavy-weight texture fabric.

It has a good quality of thick anti-slip backing that’s keep it in a place on both one fabric and leather sofas.

It’s easy to put on the slipcover and easily repellant that’s protected from children and dogs.

Key features to highlights:

  • The slipcover has a thick layer of non-slip backing and heavy-weight fabric that’s making it stay in place.
  • Its luxurious micro-suede pebbled texture
  • Works both one fabric or leather sofa
  • Fits a variety of size that measures between the inside of the seat
  • Easy to assemble

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5. Sofa shield original patent pending reversible futon sofa slipcover

If you have pets and kids in your home so you need the sofa shield perfect slipcover which protects your sofa and couch.

This cover is available in eight color combinations and it has 2 inches elastic strap to hold it down in place.

This slipcover doesn’t recommend for leather sofas, it’s perfect for fabric sofas. It’s also a cold water machine washable.

Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Futon Slipcover

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The sofa shield slipcover protector comes in many different sizes and many combinations color if you need.

Please measure your furniture size and color before ordering.

Key features to highlights:

  • The slipcovers come with a stylish trim
  • It has quite fit most sofas
  • Not recommended for leather sofas
  • The slipcover protectors come with an exclusively designed 2 inches thick strap
  • 100% machine washable and dryable

6. Great bay home form fit, slip resistant strapless fabric slipcovers for sofas

Great bay home is a great slipcover and perfect for your living room that protects any spills, stains, children, and pets.

It gives us and serves as a brilliant economical solution for the sofa protection for your furniture.

This slipcover is strapless with an elastic bottom and it’s slip-resistant.

It comes from four-color combination color that’s has a beautiful design and gives a new looking to your sofas.

Great Bay Home Form Fit, Slip Resistant Strapless Slipcover

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This slipcover is one size fits most. They are designed to fit most sofas up 90” wide, most loveseat up to 68”, and most armchairs up to 40” wide. These are the widest measurements that will also fit smaller furniture.

However, it’s one size fits most products that’s can’t guarantee which they will fit your furniture.

We recommend your furniture before buying and choose from a variety of attractive colors.

Key features to highlights:

  • Easy care stain resistant and machine washable
  • It’s a very lightweight velvet plush cover that’s made out of 95% polyester and 5% spandex
  • Designed to fit most of the sofas
  • 100% satisfaction 10-years guarantee no questions asked
  • Easy to put and removing cover

7. Mambe waterproof furniture cover for pets & kids 

The Mambe waterproof sofa cover is another good sofa cover which ideal for large sofas.

This sofa cover is fully reversible and there is four colors combinations option to choose from.

It comes from four different sizes that are most of the large size.

This slipcover is ideal to protect stains and wrinkles and it’s an inexpensive furniture slipcover and you can also use bedding from any spills, stains, and wear and tear.

Mambe Waterproof Furniture Cover

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This cover will fit any interior décor and it’s protected all types of furniture and bedding.

It saves the time spent washing and re-washing this slipcover. These are made in the USA proudly.

Key features to highlights:

  • This slipcover is completely waterproof on both sides
  • It’s soft and great for a leather sofa
  • Soft and attractive and extremely durable
  • Protect all types of expensive furniture
  • Available in four sizes and made from the USA

8. Home fashion designs reversible quilted furniture cover

The home fashion design quilted sofa cover is made of 100% microfiber polyester and has a beautiful texture for comfort.

It’s great for pets and kids and protection against wear and tear.

This sofa cover comes in 14 different color combinations and has four size options. It’s easy to clean and machine washable.

Best fabric for sofa slipcover

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We’re confident you’ll love our products but if you are not satisfied, you can contact the customer service team who will work and service.

Key features to highlights:

  • This slipcover 100% quilted microfiber polyester material
  • Fourteen different combination colors
  • Beautiful quilted texture, lofty polyfill, and soft suede
  • Easy care and machine washable
  • These slipcover protectors are one-size fits most

9. CHUN YI 2-piece jacquard polyester spandex slipcover 

The CHUN YI 2-piece polyester spandex slipcover is a top seller slipcover that most of the customers liked and they offer a plethora of choices not only for kids of furniture but also in terms of the color choices.

Moreover, there are 13 different colors to choose from, and it’s a two-piece slipcover.

You can get full installation instructions. This spandex slipcover is machine washable in cold water only.

CHUN YI 2-Piece Jacquard Polyester Spandex Slipcover

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This sofa cover is made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex, we know its perfect material makes your slipcover.

It’s a classic fine grid with large elasticity and protects your luxury sofa from stain and dust. It brings extra warmth and comfort.

Key features to highlights:

  • The fabric is fit and takes the shape of the furniture
  • It’s made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex and simple design
  • Sofa size is suitable for sofa length
  • It’s very easy to clean and saving much effort
  • Easy to washable with cold water

10. SureFit microfleece sofa pet fabric furniture cover

The surfefit pet sofa furniture slipcover is perfect for people and own pets that are cover protects the sofa from all types of spills, stains, dirt, and fur.

There are three different sizes and four colors in these slipcovers.

They have five inches diamond pattern all over and have two side pockets that are quick and easy storage of the items.

SureFit Microfleece Sofa Pet Furniture Cover

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The surefit microfleece sofa cover is a new brand but it’s very lightweight and durable. This cover is 2 inches thick and easy to assemble and washable.

Key features to highlights:

  • It’s an imported cover and 100% polyester
  • Pet covers- quick and easy solutions to protect furniture
  • They have a 5-inches diamond quilt pattern
  • It has both side pockets
  • Arm and seat anchors tuck in for stability

11. Ameritex reversible quilted furniture slipcover

The Ameritex reversible slipcover is an elegant sofa cover and is effective at preventing your sofa from stains, dirt, and fur.

This slipcover gives us great protection without any sacrificing comfort and it’s a soft quilted texture fabric.

They have six different types of colors and five different types of sizes options to choose from.

Ameritex Reversible Quilted Furniture Slipcover

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This sofa keeps stain-free and large enough to fit most cushion sofas and it’s perfect for family and pet comfy. The textured fabric not only works great for protecting your sofas, but it’s also pleasing to the touch too.

Key features to highlights:

  • Made from quality polyester and reversible
  • Quick set up and simply place your furniture
  • Machine washable with cold water
  • Water-resistant and durable quilted texture
  • Fit most types of sofa furniture

12. Home fashion designs deluxe reversible quilted slip cover

Most of the slipcover manufacturer has various colors but no design but the home fashion designs slipcover is reversible and comes with unique design and a solid color on the other brand.

There are five different designs to choose from and perfect to protect your furniture fabric from children and pets.

It’s washable by machine. This slipcover is not perfect for leather sofas.

Home Fashion Designs Deluxe Reversible Quilted Slipcover

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This slipcover features a beautiful quilted texture, lofty polyfill, and soft suede, and ultimate comfort.

They have two gorgeous colored sides. It freshens up your home décor and protects your furniture.

Key features to highlights:

  • Stylish and comfortable slipcover
  • The material used is a 100% polyester with sofa suede finish
  • Spills and stain resistant
  • Protection against pet hair, dirt, and scratches
  • Easy to assemble and family friendly

13. E-living store reversible fabric furniture slipcover with 2 inch elastic strap 

If you need an over-sizes sofa cover then the E-living store reversible slipcover is a great product that will definitely interest you.

You can choose from five color combination options and use longer that’s reversible. It comes with 2-inches elastic straps in order to put it down in its place.

This gray sofa slipcover can be washable in the machine on the low tumble setting and this cover isn’t suitable for leather sofas. The slipcover will slide on the leather, it does not fully protect your sofa.

E-Living Store Reversible Furniture Slipcover

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This sofa protector help to extend your sofa life and we realize that this sofa cover was an expensive piece that needs to be protected everyday activities from dogs, cats, children, spills, and stains. This slipcover will protect and maintain your sofa.

Key features to highlights:

  • It’s the perfect slipcover for people who have pets and kids
  • It’s large size sofa slipcover
  • Machine washable allowing for easy care and quick clean up
  • They have 2-inches elastic straps
  • Not recommend for leather furniture

14. OstepDecor quilted Luxurious furniture cover

Finding the right slipcover for your sofa can be tricky but the OstepDecor quilted furniture sofa is great.

Simply measure that your sofa seat and scan the provided list of measurements and buying the sizes which fit your sofa.

It’s made with quilted corduroy and anti-slip material on the reverse. The OstepDecor sofa slipcover is functional and attractive and ideal for kids and pets.

There are a variety of sizes available on the market, if you find the piece of slipcover- follow the guidelines in the Amazon listing. You remember that each item is sold separately, not a set.

OstepDecor Quilted Furniture Protector Cover

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Most of the customers love and like this slipcover that feels luxurious which a soft but thick texture that’s very comfortable and fully protects your furniture.

This cover is fully fitted and running the exact measurements described.

Key features to highlights:

  • Spills must be removed immediately
  • Wash separately and machine washable
  • Suitable for every style of furniture
  • It’s perfect for home use
  • This slipcover is super soft and cozy

15. Le Benton reversible fabric sofa slipcovers

The Le Benton sofa slipcover is a fantastic design and versatility. It’s reversible quilted and gives you two color options which are looking fantastic.

This sure-fit slipcover is also very durable and will be long-lasting.

The cover will protect your sofa fabric from kids, pets, and any kinds of spills. It’s also great for leather sofas.

Home Fashion Designs Reversible Quilted Furniture Protector

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Do we have a choice of slipcover for a sofa, armchair, and regular loveseats? Choose the most suitable for your need and you can sure to measure your item first and make sure that it will be fit your sofa or loveseats.

Key features to highlights:

  • This slipcover easy to installation
  • This cover great for a leather sofa
  • Machine washable on a gentle cycle
  • Best fitting sofa cover that’s offer a range of 6 sizes
  • Its triple strap slipcover

Benefits of Sofa Slipcovers

A sofa cover when it comes to your living room décor, the main thing that it ties all together is your sofa.

The sofas single-handedly have the ability to decorate your living rooms. They have also used these sofas, which results in wear and tear over time. Therefore, having a good sofa cover need to must.

Sofa slipcovers will increase the long-lasting of your sofa and help to save your sofa all the time. It’s also true that if you have pets and kids in your household, you need to be slipcovers.

Other hand, fabric sofa slipcovers are great for protecting your household sofa from dust, stains, and shedding fur caused by pets like dogs and cats. And also protecting your sofa from wrinkles, food stains, and spill-prone kids as well.

A sofa covers to be extremely useful for protecting your sofa when you have a guest in your house or even during large events in your house where spills are more prone to happen. So, we’ll be reviewing some sofa slipcovers to buy.

Why Do I Need Slipcovers for a Sofa?

A sofa slipcover serves many functions like One, A sofa cover protects from spills from tea, coffee, milk, soda, and other things.

Two, it protects the scratches or abrasions and common culprits include pets, keys, coins, jewelry, and toys.

Three, the cover helps moisture, humidity, pet dander, dust, and more.

Four, a sofa slipcover improves the sofa appearance of the furniture. And many people use this cover as a quick makeover for aging sofas.

Tips for Choosing Sofa Slipcover

To choose the best fabric sofa slipcovers, you should pay attention to following the article:

Material: The fabric sofa slipcovers should be strong enough to protect the sofa from stains, wrinkles, dust, spills, and much more. Polyester is the most common material for sofa covers which are durable and long-lasting.

Fit: The slipcover should fully fit entire the sofa for maximum protection. It’s simple to placing and removing. These are made of polyester fabric and spandex that’s easy to fit because they are stretchy.

Size: The slipcovers have a quality that’s fit properly in your sofa but a sofa not be too tight such that it leaves some sections exposed or too loose which the sofa’s appeal is lost. A good product ensuring the design of the sofa and maintained.

Weight: Weight is important to choose fabrics that are neither heavy nor light. A heavy cover is a little bit install and tends to leave some areas like corners a little baggy. And a very light cover can easily be lifted off if not hardness properly.

Texture: The sofas should have a nice texture that feels nice to touch. The texture also looking nice to the appearance of the sofa.

Other things that should be considered the shape, length, design, color, care, and each of use. The best slipcover for sofas will be protected your furniture and you’ll have the price of mind.


While you can buy a sofa slipcover, you can read this sofa slipcovers review article and you got highly recommended. These slipcovers are cost-effective and don’t consume time.

In this article, we provide a comprehensive guideline and great reviews to help you get the best sofa slipcovers.

So, you can buy this slipcover on the list and don’t worry because most of the products have a satisfaction warranty.

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