Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Fabric Pots: Step by Step

Growing pots and containers make it much easier to do gardening in a small place, or indoor for us. May you know about fabric pots or fabric grow bags, pots? 

Here we’re going to share some great tips for growing tomatoes in fabric pots, and tips for growing potatoes in pots.

Me Also, growing tomatoes in fabric pots and potatoes as well for myself. I love to do it and enjoy it as well also I get some fresh vegetables. If you plant in a fabric pot, you and your plants will get more benefit from fabric grow bags/pots.

tips for growing tomatoes in fabric pots

Homegrown potatoes, tomatoes, and other vegetables are always better than buying from the market. Fabric planter/grow pots are not expensive, you could buy them from the market or online, but if you want you can make fabric pots yourself.

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1. Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Fabric Pots and Bags: 

Growing tomatoes in fabric pots or any other containers is a great way to garden in a Small place or where is no soil. There’re many ways to container garden and many products out there to do it. Fabric planter pots/bags are one of the best to do it.

Here you’ll learn, What size grow bag for tomatoes and how to grow tomatoes in a fabric bag/pot.

What Size Grow Bags for Tomatoes?

It’s very important to choose the right size fabric pot for tomato plants. You can use 5-gallon or 10-gallon fabric grow pot for each determinate, for patio-type tomatoes.

For Larger, indeterminate tomato varieties will perform great in even larger pots, while miniature cherry tomato plants can be grown in a small fabric grow bag as small as 2 or 3 gallons.

growing tomatoes in fabric pots

Grow Tomatoes in Fabric Bags or Pots Step by Step

1. Select a Right Place(Make Sure You Have Enough Sunlight):

Tomato plants need at least 5 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. So, make sure your pot is positioned optimally.

2. Choose The Right Size Fabric Pots:

When you choose fabric pots, You can have fun with size. Many gardeners find a 10 a gallon fabric pot is a good starting size. 10-gallon fabric pot is large enough to grow a nice plant. But if you want to grow a larger tomato plant, use a large fabric pot.

3. Select Your Own Variety:

When you planting tomato plants in fabric pots, some thought should be put into, which variety is best for you.

Any type of tomato can be grown in a fabric pot/bag, from beefsteak or salad to paste or cherry. If you’ll pick a variety that will be appropriate for whatever size fabric pot you have.

4. Fill Up Your Pot:

This is an important step in growing tomatoes successfully. Fill up your pot with the right growing medium, use a high-quality growing medium mix with compost. To fill up your pot/bag, use a 60/40 blend of finely screened compost and high-quality pre-fertilized potting soil.

Potting soil added to the compost improves drainage and helps prevent the pot from becoming too heavy. If it contains fertilizer the potting soil component of the mix also helps feed the growing tomato plants.

5. Select The Right Plants and Plant Them:

If you want you can grow plants from seed or you buy them to plant if you buy choose yourself.

When you want to plant choose the best plants to plant from your grown plants, and plant them in fabric pots/containers. You can use a 5, 7, 10, or 20-gallon fabric container or pot for each tomato plant.

6. Do The Watering Properly:

Watering is an important part of growing tomatoes. When it comes to watering your tomato plants do not skip, Regular irrigation results in the healthiest plants and the highest yields.

Tomato growing in fabric pots filled with the right mix of growing medium will require daily watering in hot summer and less watering in the winter. But do not give too much or too little water to your plants. Your plants can be watering early in the morning and late afternoon.

7. Fertilization Tips:

Tomato trees are heavy feeders and you need to be fertilized, But if you use pre-fertilized potting soil, you do not have to do too much. But most of the potting mix soil has very few neutrinos.

During the growing time, You need to add more neutrinos to your plants for healthy growth. You can use organic slow-release fertilizer Or use those fertilizers which are specially designed for tomatoes and vegetables.

My advice for you, consult your local grow store for recommendations on which fertilizer will be the best for your tomato plants.

2. Bonus: Growing Potatoes in Fabric Pots

growing potatoes in fabric pots

Some Great Reasons Why We Should Plant Potatoes in Fabric Pots:

1. Can grow a large number of potatoes in a small place with fabric pots.

2. High volume of soil held in a fabric pot gives potatoes plenty of room for growth and it requires less watering than other containers/pots.

3. Easy to make them at home.

4. Fabric grow bags/pots are inexpensive, and you can use them for many years.

5. It’s very easy for gardeners with a small place to move lightweight fabric grow pots/bags around to maximize sunlight exposure

Also, there’re more reasons to select fabric pots to plant potatoes

Tips for Planting Potatoes in Fabric Bags/Pots:

Step Number 1

When you planting potatoes in fabric pots, At first consider how many or how many pounds of potatoes you want to plant.

Each pound of planted seed potatoes yields between 6 to 8 pounds of mature spuds. But if you plant in the right season, May you get up to 10/12 pounds.

Step Number 2

The next step, determine which size of fabric bags/pots is needed. To Reduce watering needs and providing enough room for plants, and good tuber production. So, choose the large-size fabric containers/pots.

For one pound of seed potatoes, you can purchase a single 30 or 45 gallon pot or two 20 gallon small smart pots or fabric bags. To have smaller harvests Plant a quarter-pound or half-pound of potatoes seed in a 10/15 or 20-gallon container/pot.

Step Number 3

Prepare your seed potatoes for planting, Cut your seed potatoes into one to two-inch chunks, Make sure each piece containing at last one or two growing points(eye). Leave all the smaller seed potatoes intact. You can cut them in your kitchen counter.

Step Number 4

Fill up the fabric pot/bag with 4 to 7 inches of high-quality potting soil mixed with a few shovels full of finished compost. Compost improves water retention and adds nutrients and beneficial soil microbes to the pot.

Step Number 5

Now nestle the seed potato pieces into potting soil, approximately spacing them 6 to 7 inches apart, Then cover them with 5 to 6 inches potting soil or compost blend and water the pot/bag well.

Step Number 6

When plants grow, Add more compost/potting mix into the pot/bag, a few inches at a time. During the growing time potato shoots deeper and deeper until your pot completely full, And the plants are growing out of the top.

Step Number 7

Allow your plants to grow, Keep watering them regularly. You should never let your pot completely dry.

Step Number 8

Your plants will come into flower. After a few weeks later, shoots start to slowly turn yellow and die back. 

When you see the potato plants completely brown, stop watering and leave the pot for 15 to 20 days. Potatoes are curing during this time, Curing process increases their shelf life and thickens the skins.

Step Number 9

After 15/20 days have passed, it’s time to harvest the potatoes. To do so, use your hands. Simply dig through the pot with your hands, And sifting through the soil to find the potatoes. Do not use a knife or any tools to do it, Do it with your hands.

Note: For fertilization, you can visit your local grow shop and ask them for recommendations. To get the right size of growing pots/bags, make your own potatoes grow bags/pots. I hope now you know how do you grow potatoes in a bag or pot.

Final Words:

I hope now you can plant tomatoes or potatoes in a small place, in fabric pots easily. Because now you know which size grow bag for tomatoes, and how to growing tomatoes in fabric pots and potatoes as well.

Lots of people growing tomatoes in pots, even I grow potatoes and tomatoes in fabric pots at home, It’s not a hard task, so if you’ve got free time, then try to grow some tomatoes and potatoes at home, and save money.

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