How To Paint T Shirts With Fabric Paint At Home Step By Step

Painting t-shirt is a great way to have some fun and new design. If you wanna have a specific t-shirt for a party, rally, event, or something else but you don't find the right one? Or you want to make your t-shirt different look? Do you know you can decorate your t shirts yourself with fabric paint! In this article, I'm going to show you how to paint t shirts with fabric paint at home.

When you wanna write on your t-shirt you can use fabric paint markers.

If you want to know about how to decorate t shirts with fabric paints, read this full article to learn more.

Hope this article will help you a lot on painting tshirts & you'll enjoy the article as well.

how to paint t shirts with fabric paint

t-shirts painting types

There are lots of different ways to paint your t shirts, but stenciling, free hand, and tracing are the best ways to decorate a shirt.

free hand

This is the funniest way to painting a t shirt, You could always make a design with a pencil first, or you can go freely.

But I recommend you to make a design first on your shirt with pencil and then simply dip your brush in some paint and start writing out a message or a design.

Also you can use permanent fabric markers(if you do a little design use a marker but if you want to do more painting use liquid fabric paint).


In this method at first you have to print out a design on paper, after that you have to put it inside the shirt then you can trace the outline and it will be easy to follow.

If you follow this method easily you can draw a design or write words on your shirt.


If you want to use this method, you have to print the design or message on a freezer paper,

Once you have done cut the design and then set the design top of your shirt where you want to make the design.    

Paint your t shirts step by step

Some tools and materials needed:

Before you start painting, you have to buy these materials and tools, If you have iron, hairdryer at home you do not need to buy it.

Try to buy the best fabric paints for t shirt/ shirts, if you want to write on your shirt you can buy fabric markers, but if you want to do a design you can buy liquid fabric paint.

1-Any color fabric paint

3-Any color t-shirt

3-Reynolds warp freezer paper



6-Painting gloves


8-X-acto knife


Wash your t-shirts:

If you want to paint your old shirt, before you start painting you can wash your shirts and dry them to get better results. Even new t-shirts you can wash before you paint.

Cut and Put the cardboard inside the t-shirts:

Nicely measure out the size of your shirts and cut the cardboard with X-acto knife to fit inside your t-shirts. And put it inside your t-shirts.

Print your own designs:

At first, you have to cut your freezer paper. Cut the freezer paper 9" by 12" to make it fit in most printers.

You can print pretty much design what you would like to do. It could be anything like your logo, a sentence, a joke as long as it can fit in your freezer paper.

After you print out your design, cut out the areas of the picture that you want to show up on your shirt with the Xacto knife. This method called stenciling.

Iron the freezer paper on the t-shirts:

Now you can iron the freezer paper plastic side down, exactly where you want to design on your t-shirts.

The main reason why you use freezer paper is that when it is ironed it sticks until you take it off.

Make sure the iron adequately so that the freezer paper sticks on the shirts.

Start Painting your t-shirt:

Before you start, wear your painting gloves. Now you have to use the paintbrush to paint your shirt, paint a layer of fabric paint on the stencil and be messy as you will like because only the design will show up!

Typically, one layer of fabric paint is not enough You can add a second or third layer of fabric paint. To get the right design, make sure you paint the whole image evenly.

Also, you can use fabric spray paint to paint your shirt. If you decide to use fabric spray paint at first shake the spray paint can, after that hold the paint can 7 to 9 inches away from your t shirt and then spray the paint.

Dry the paint for 15/20 minutes, if it's needed once again spray the paint on your design.

Dry/heat set your painted shirts:

After you finished painting then dry your shirts before you wash.

It's time to use your hairdryer to dry your shirts or you can put your shirts under the fan to dry and allow them to dry properly. 

Enjoy your t-shirts:

Finally, you finished your painting on your t-shirts. Now you can wear it, before you wear you can wash it or if you did before you start painting you can wear it without a wash, but better to wash first then wear it.

Last word

I hope this how to paint t shirts with fabric paint guide will help you a lot and you will enjoy painting your own t-shirts, always use a cardboard or foam inside your t shirt.

If you want to paint more t-shirts, purchase enough fabric paint. And do not forget to wear panting gloves.

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