How to Remove Recliner Back Step by Step Guide

how to remove recliner back

Recliner sofas are bulky and heavy enough to transport from one room to another, especially when you have to pass through a tight space. But you don’t have to worry.  Recliner sofas come in easy disassembling design for stress-free transportation. The designs look like locking levers securing detachable seats. Releasing the lever and removal of … Read more

How to Make Fabric Stiffener Step by Step at Home

How to make a fabric stiffener at home

A stiffener makes fabric strong and rigid for craft project. When you purchase a fabric stiffener that will be less expensive. However, commercial stiffeners are sold in craft stores but if you try, you can make it very easily at home. The homemade fabric stiffener can be used to make fabric flowers and some other … Read more

How to Use Landscape Fabric Step by Step!

use your landscape fabric

Landscape fabric also we called weed control fabric, weed barrier fabric, weed fabric. Landscape weed barrier fabric is a great option to prevent weeds from your garden and landscaping areas. In this article, I’ll show you how to use landscape fabric step by step. If you use landscape fabric in your garden, and landscape area … Read more

How to Use Fabric Softener | Step by Step Guide!

using fabric softener

If you use fabric softeners on your fabrics and clothes (softener for fabric also known as a fabric conditioner) softener bring a softness, and freshness on your clothes and fabrics. Using softener is an easy task, not hard work, but so many people searching for how to use fabric softener. In this blog post, I’ll … Read more

How to Clean Fabric Kitchen Chairs Step by Step Guide

How to clean fabric kitchen chairs

Fabric kitchen chairs are available in different colors, styles, and textures. Regular use, kitchen room/Dining room fabric upholstered chairs can attract dirt and food spills. Especially if you have kids or pets your fabric kitchen chairs will get dirt quick and fast. May you thought about how to clean fabric kitchen chairs or dining chairs … Read more